Sunday, March 25, 2018

               Z O D I A C    G E M  O L O G Y                        

           NAME                             : Kumar                            
           SEX                                : MALE                             
           BIRTH STAR                   : ASLESHA                          
           TIME OF BIRTH               :   9.50 AM  STANDARD TIME         
           DATE OF BIRTH              : 23/06/1955  THURSDAY             
           PLACE OF BIRTH           : TRICHUR                          
           LONGITUDE                    :  76.15  EAST                     
           LATITUDE                       : 10.30  NORTH                     
           SUNRISE                        : 6.05 AM                          
           SUNSET                         : 6.48 PM                          
           TIMEZONE                      :  5.30  EAST OF GREENWICH         
           LOCAL MEAN TIME        : STANDARD TIME    -25  MINS       


     Version 8.00 Gemfinder 102004  /17-08-2011                       
     SOFTWARE   : Zodiac Computers East Nada Guruvayur Kerala -680101 Ph

     Kumar                              ASLESHA               23/06/1955


     Ven Mer   Mar Sun Ket 
         M a i n C h a r t   Jup    Moo Asc
Rah         Sat 

     Lag   Sat    Rah   Mar Gul   Ven 
           D - 9 (Navamsa)
Sun Moo              KetMer Jup  


     Shad bala  means the  sixfold source of planetary strength. There
     are six kinds of potency in the Parasari System. They are :      
     1. Sthana     Bala        -    Positional  Strength              
     2. Dig          Bala        -    Directional Strength              
     3. Kala        Bala        -    Temporal    Strength              
     4. Chesta     Bala        -    Motional    Strength              
     5. Naisargika Bala        -    Intrinsic   Strength              
     6. Drik       Bala        -    Aspectual   Strength            

     Application of Shad Balas                                        
     The importance of and  the  part played by the  Shad Balas in the
     science  of  horoscopy  are  manifold. The application of any one
     particular  system  depends  on  the strength and weakness of cer-
     tain planets  and  Bhavas.  For  instance in deciding the Dasanat-
     ardasa( periods and subperiods )  the  first period is attributed
     to  the  most  powerful of the Lagna the Sun &  the Moon. Whether
     the Sun or  Lagna  is  more powerful can be determined only  when  
     their  respective  strengths  are known. In protraying the future
     results  indicated  by  the different Bhavas their strengths  are
     of  considerable  importance.  Suppose we consider the  period of
     the  Sun  and bhukti  of the Moon.In order to predict the various
     results  care  should  be taken to see which planet more powerful
     or  has  greater  strength. If  the Sun is more powerful than the
     Moon  then  the  results  likely to happen would be predominantly
     those  indicated  by the Sun. If the Moon is more powerful during
     his  sub-period  the Moon's  influence will be felt in preference
     to that  of  the Sun even though the latter may be the major lord.
     Thus when  the  Shadbalas are ascertained correctly future progno-
     stications  can  be ventured with sufficient confidence. The Shad
     balas in  other words give an account of the assets & liabilities
     of each house and planet in the horoscope.                       
     Shad Balas  are  measured in shastiamsas or units of 60. 60 shast-
     iamsas make a Rupa.                                              

PLANET                  SUN      MOON       MARS       MERC     JUP      VEN     SAT

NATHONNATHA BALA       49.17     10.83     10.83      60.00    49.17    49.17   10.83
THRIBHAGA BALA          0.00      0.00      0.00      60.00    60.00     0.00    0.00
ABDA BALA               0.00     15.00      0.00       0.00     0.00     0.00    0.00
MASA BALA               0.00     30.00      0.00       0.00     0.00     0.00    0.00
VARA BALA               0.00      0.00      0.00       0.00    45.00     0.00    0.00
HORA BALA               0.00      0.00      0.00       0.00     0.00    60.00    0.00
PAKSHA BALA            46.16     27.68     46.16      13.84    13.84    13.84   46.16
AYANA BALA            119.86      8.29     58.23      59.35    55.13    58.28   50.89
NAISARGIKA BALA        60.00     51.43     17.14      25.70    34.28    42.85    8.57
OOCHABALA              40.76     34.59     10.97      24.25    58.73    42.76   59.39
KENDRA BALA            15.00     60.00     15.00      30.00    60.00    30.00   60.00
DREKKANA BALA          15.00      0.00      0.00       0.00    15.00     0.00    0.00
OJAYUGMARASYAMSA BALA  30.00     15.00     15.00       0.00     0.00    15.00   30.00
SAPTAVARGAJA BALA      86.25     82.50    101.25      85.50    86.25    93.75   75.00
DIGBALA                15.92     26.09     13.99      39.62    53.30     5.91   27.64
YUDDHABALA              0.00      0.00      0.00       0.00     0.00     0.00    0.00
CHESTA BALA             0.00      0.00      6.50      43.97    10.45    10.66   44.76
DRIK BALA              -9.26      1.06     -6.30     -10.51    -1.62   -11.57   -9.26
TOTAL                 468.86    362.47    288.77     431.72   539.53   410.65  403.98
STRENGTH IN RUPAS       7.81      6.04      4.81       7.20     8.99     6.84    6.73
PERC STREGNTH           1.56      1.01      0.96       1.03     1.38     1.24    1.35

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Ring of the Nine Revolving Heavens !

This is the Nava Ratna Ring designed Sri R S Brown.

As in the Solar Logos, Ruby representing the Sun is at the Center and the other gems representing the other planets is with it.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Jupiterian Law or Brihaspathi Neethi

Suppose your son goes against you. Will you throw him out of the house ?

This is where Jupiterian Law or Brihaspathi Neethi or Jesusian Law comes into operation.

Love is giving and forgiving
Self is getting and forgetting !

Conquer by Love ! This is the message handed out to us by the millenial philosophers, millenial poets and millenial prophets !

Love is a Glory from Eternity's spheres
He is still the Godhead that can make all change

Love should never cease to be upon the Earth
Love is the bright link betwixt Earth and Heaven
Love is the far Transcendent's angel here
Love is man's lien on the Absolute !

Sai and Jesus say " Love your enemies, bless them that curse you and bless them that persecute you" !

Let us be arrayed from head to foot with their commandments. ' Conquer everything with Patience and Love" is their eternal message !

Byron said " Take away Love and the whole world becomes a tomb "

Jupiter is the preceptor of the celestials and represents the divine arts and sciences. The scientia intuitiva or intuive sciences are a great preparation for Eternal Liberation. Without the discriminative intellect or prajna imparted by him, no one can hope for Self Actualisation. He represents the Sreyo Marga ( the way of Being and of Bliss ) and Venus represents the Preyo Marga ( the way of Mammon and the flesh ). Both paths are followed by mankind !

Goethe echoed the same when he averred

Now lead me where some heavenly silence glasses
The purer joys around the Poet throng
Where Love and Friendship divinely fashion
The bonds that bless, the wreaths that crown his passion !

Yoga Sastra, Nyaya Sastra, Neethi Sastra, Vedanta Sastra, Jyothis Sastra and all such sciences are ruled by Jupiter or Brihaspathi. Sasanath Thrayathe ithi Sastram - meaning that Redeeming instructions are called Sastras ( like fatherly advice to a son ). Hence Jupiter or Brihaspathi is the greatest benefic, from the perspective of Self Actualisation. He represents Grace Divine, without which no Self Realisatoin is possible.

Love is a manna sent from Heaven, a spark of the Immortal Fire, sent by the Lord to elevate our low desire ! Let Almighty Love triumph on earth !

From the Center where the Heart of God is known
Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men
Let Love triumph on Earth !

Let us Love All, Serve All, Help Ever, Hate None and Hurt Never, thereby fulfilling the Jupiterian Law !

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Venusian Law ( Shukra Neethi )

The Mosaic Law of Western Thought is known as Shukra Neethi ( Venusian Law ) in Indian Philosophy. The Jesusian Law corresponds to Brihaspathi Neethi, that is rising to a higher plane which returns good for evil !

Even though it is taught that lying is Sin and should be avoided, Shukra Neethi or the Venusian Law states that one can lie for virtue !

Kaliyil prana rakshakkum
Go brahmana hithathinum
Kanya Vitha rakshakkum
Poli Nindithamalledo !

In business, one cannot be trufhful all the time. There is a saying, Truth is ruinous, hence suppressio veriti, suggestio falsi ! In order to make profits, the biz man is given the licence to lie !

Milton said that Mammon was the first teacher of Man

By him first
Men also

The God and Mammon of Western Thought have their equivalents in

Brihaspathi or Jupiter - the Guru of the celestials and representer of the twelve positive sciences of the Vedas
Shukra or Venus - the Guru of the demons and representer of all modern sciences

Milton's " It is better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven " is Venusian or Shukra Neeti and is widely followed by politicians, mafia chiefs, the priesthood and the captialists !

In Mythology Indian, Venus or Sage Shukra was born to Bhrighu and Usana. He was born on the day of Freya or Venus, Friday. He was born in the constellation of Swathi. Freya is Venus in Norse Mythology and Freya's day became Friday. Shukravar is Friday and is named after Shukra. Shukra was sent to learn the Vedas from Angiras, who was partial to his son, Brihaspathi. However, Shukra learnt the Vedas from Gauthama. He later performed penance to Lord Shiva and obtained the Sanjeevani Mantra, a mantra which can resurrect the dead.

When Jupiter or Brihaspathi became the Guru of the celestials, Shukra competed and became the Guru of the demons ! He exhorted the demons to win the war against the celestials !

When King Bali was tested by Lord Vishnu in the form of the dwarf Vamana, Shukra immediately knew of the deceipt and warned King Bali. He sat in the spout of a vase, which was spotted by Lord Vishnu. Vishnu picked a straw from the ground and directed it on the spout, with the result Shukra became half blind !

Shukra corresponds to Machiavelli. Machiavelli opined that to be feared is better than to be loved. ( "Love is preserved by the link of obligation which men in their baseness break off at every opportunity for their own advantage, whereas fear preserves you with the dread of punishment which never fails " ). Machiavelli opined that men are base and ugly. ( " This has to be asserted in general for men, that they are cowardly, covetous, ungrateful, fickeminded and false and as long as you succeed, they are yours entirely"). Armed prophets had succeeded, whereas the unarmed had failed !

The Jesus and Machiavelli of Western thought, both dialectical opposites, correspond to Brihaspathi and Shukra of Indian thought !

Shukra in Sanskrit means brightness, clearness, purity. These mythological figures are planets and Vedic Symbolism was used by the Rishies. Astrologically, he represents the mundane arts and the mundane sciences, whereas Jupiter or Brihaspati represents the divine sciences and the divine arts.

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Ceylon Blue Sapphire gets good advertising

Lankan gems are bonding with the world. When Kate Middleton wore a Ceylon Blue Sapphire on the royal wedding day. a glittering future was destined for the stone !

Lankan retailers are reporting an 800% increase in sales of the Ceylon Blue Sapphire. The Bue Sapphire's Ceylon's connections were publicised by Janaka Ratnayake, the Chairman of Sri Lanka Export Development Board.

"We missed the opportunity to link the gem with royalty when Diana wed Charles in 1981. We should have gone to town then, saying that the Sapphire in Diana's ring had been mined right here in Sri Lanka, but we let the event pass. When we learnt last year that Prince William had gifted Diana's ring to Kate, we were determined not to miss the bus again" says he.

Thanks for the media coverage of the royal wedding event, which had 2 billion viewers !

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jupiter in the 9th good for India !

Providence ( Jupiter in the House of Fortune ) saved India yet again. Master Batsman Sachin Tendulkar got Man of the Match Award for his blistering 85, but then he had as many as six lives.

Four Paki fielders let him off, Misbah, Y Khan, Afridi and Akmal. He survived two close calls for lbw and stumping. Today was his day.

Let us see the astrological factors.

Yesterday was Dhanishta, his kshema tara or 4th star or Lucky Star. But Dhanishta, which ruled for 57 Nadis ( 23.5 hours ) or right throughout the day was not so good for India or Dhoni. For Dhoni, it was his vipat tara, or adverse star. Hence the nervousness of the Indian spectators and viewers !

For Sehwag, this was his sampat tara or favourable star. Even though he scored only 38, he hit the premier Pak bowler, Umar Gul, for five fours in one over. He hit Gul off his length !

When we analysed, we knew that some factors were adverse and we did remedial measures to overcome those adverse factors. We knew that the Transit positions of Jove and Saturn are benign and so ultimately India will triumph. ( As for me, I fasted in the afternoon, as I badly needed an Indian triumph. I indulged in prayers and meditation right throughout the day and relief came from tension at 1000 PM ).

For Pak, the transits of Jupiter and Saturn are not so benign. Jupiter in the Tenth is Dasame Darika Vadham or adverse for their Ego. Saturn in the 4th is also disconcerting and affected their batting performance in this WC. Not even one Paki batsman had scored a century and they were reckoned formidable because of their excellent bowling !

On 25th, Mars moved over to Pisces, ending some bad luck for India. After then Indian bowling became efficient and fielding improved. Indian fans were afraid that bowlers and fielders might put Sachin & Co down ! But in the QF and SF, Indian bowling and fielding rose to the occasion. The mighty Australians were restricted to 260 in QF and in SF, Pak were bowled out for 231 !

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