Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Ceylon Blue Sapphire gets good advertising

Lankan gems are bonding with the world. When Kate Middleton wore a Ceylon Blue Sapphire on the royal wedding day. a glittering future was destined for the stone !

Lankan retailers are reporting an 800% increase in sales of the Ceylon Blue Sapphire. The Bue Sapphire's Ceylon's connections were publicised by Janaka Ratnayake, the Chairman of Sri Lanka Export Development Board.

"We missed the opportunity to link the gem with royalty when Diana wed Charles in 1981. We should have gone to town then, saying that the Sapphire in Diana's ring had been mined right here in Sri Lanka, but we let the event pass. When we learnt last year that Prince William had gifted Diana's ring to Kate, we were determined not to miss the bus again" says he.

Thanks for the media coverage of the royal wedding event, which had 2 billion viewers !

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